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The construction phase is often considered the most de-risked phase of a development, as the majority of unknowns have been quantified and mitigated. However, there is still need to remain vigilant to ensure all pre-construction phase commitments are delivered.

Trenert takes an active role as the Developer’s representative during the construction phase working closely with the appointed Contractor and key consultants to ensure the integrity of the design is maintained, quality is delivered on site and key financial metrics are front of mind. In addition, Trenert has a key role in coordinating, and acting as a conduit between construction and non-construction disciplines. Key roles include:

  • Ensuring adherence to statutory approvals
  • Mitigating settlement risk for off-the-plan sales
  • Working with purchasers and legal team to manage purchaser variation requests
  • Ensuring key messages are consistent with marketing and sales teams and construction delivery
  • Coordinating Plan Sealing and Titles processes with construction activities
  • Providing project updates to funder or funder’s representatives

Our experienced team has acted on behalf of our Clients to complete projects in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, focusing on quality outcomes while ensuring construction is completed on time and within budget.

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