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At Trenert we provide accurate and inciteful advice on funding and can coordinate the procurement of finance on behalf of, or in collaboration with, a property developer to maximise their resources and ensure a profitable development.

For clients seeking finance options, Trenert can present confidential and relevant funding strategies, plus investigate the best options for raising capital:

  • investigating suitable joint venture opportunities
  • managing capital sourcing
  • conducting independent due diligence and financial feasibility studies
  • securing debt and equity finance
  • advising about insurance and valuation options to protect the property investment

Through our financial brokers and partner providers, Trenert can expedite the securing of the most favourable finance at the lowest interest rate and prepare or obtain for clients:

  • detailed property market advice
  • up to date pre-sales data
  • independent reports, such as market and sales projections
  • a report on loan serviceability and cash flow based on sales

As well as facilitating negotiations and compiling supporting documents and applications for construction finance, Trenert is able to confidentially provide access to funding and finance options that maximise our client’s resources and improve their development’s profit margin.


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