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Marketing & Communications

Simone Creagh


Simone leads Trenert’s team of dynamic skilled and experienced marketing and communications professionals. Her team is primarily focused on offering marketing and communications solutions to the property sector, supporting projects introduced by Trenert.

With over 20 years experience in a range of sales and marketing roles, Simone is trusted by clients to develop powerful, cohesive sales and marketing campaigns that engage buyers. She delivers whole market solutions for marketing and communications, or specific strategies according to each client’s needs.

Simone is skilled in a broad range of marketing tools and delivers a focused sales message that entices prospective buyers to Trenert property projects:

  • brand development and design services
  • corporate logo design
  • photography and CGI Imagery
  • graphic design of premium artwork and graphics, layouts
  • print collateral, brochures, signage
  • online marketing with SEO optimised landing pages and websites
  • digital advertising campaigns
  • public relations, including newsletters and press releases
  • event management
  • liaising with potential buyers and sales agents

In the constantly changing world of sales and marketing, Simone has both the experience and drive to deliver a comprehensive branding, marketing and communications strategy to ensure that a clients’ property project takes centre stage and achieves successful sales.

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