Townhome Approval in Toowong - Trenert Town Planning Services Queensland

Townhome Approval in Toowong

Also well as large-scale residential developments, Trenert provides clients with quality solutions for boutique suburban residential building development projects.

We are trusted by our clients to provide business-focused expert town planning advice to maximise profit for townhome building projects:

  • interpreting planning scheme rules
  • site acquisition
  • relocation or house removal from a block
  • small block designs
  • managing the development application process including obtaining building approval and certification
  • concept design

Our recent Toowong development necessitated that we resolve town planning issues during the development approval process for freehold townhouse dwellings:

  • incorporating character housing
  • urban densification that respects the local environment
  • contemporary design and materials
  • obtaining relaxations such as reduced boundary setbacks, minimum building lot size, maximum building height, car parking relaxations, and site cover well over the acceptable outcomes of the planning scheme.